Pre-Workout Supplement Benefits

Pre-Workout Supplement Benefits

Energy, Performance, Strength; Benefits of a Pre-Workout

When did we as humans decide we need a kick to start our day? Coffee has long been sold as a luxury and staple in our energy needs. Peruvians would chew the leaves of coca plants to work longer and harder hours. The American revolution was sparked by an increase in tax on our tea. It is safe to say that as a species we have a long history with stimulants to help us through our days.

But what even is a pre-workout supplement? There are hundreds of different products to choose from, all cast with bright colors and fancy flavor names. Is it all for show? Do we really need to supplement with a pre or is just another cash grab waste of money?

Pre-Workout Supplements Defined

As the name would suggest, a pre-workout supplement is a supplement that you drink or take before you begin to exercise. These can range from capsules you swallow to powders that are mixed to drink. Some companies even bottle these ready to drink so you can grab one on the go.

The main reason behind a pre-workout is to kickstart your energy levels to ensure you have enough to get you through your exercise regiment. This regiment can be anything – like running a marathon or lifting weights in the gym. Some people use pre-workouts to replace their morning coffee when they need an extra boost at the office or in school. A new recent trend is gamers fueling the late night grind with pre-workouts.

Benefits of Pre-workout

Not all supplements are created equally! If you have searched for prework-out before then you already know that there are literally hundreds of products to choose from. Companies can make all the flashy labeling in the world, but if you’re using unproven ingredients with weak dosages, you won’t get far. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used ingredients and the scientifically proven benefits behind them.

  • Caffeine – The without a doubt king of stims and a staple found in the vast majority of pre-workout supplements. Caffeine has been shown to elevate the physical and mental energy, especially for those deprived of sleep. It has also been demonstrated to improve athletic performance during workouts and as a nootropic, caffeine can increase your focus and attention.
  • Citrulline Malate – Improves strength, performance and muscle endurance. Citrulline Malate is commonly associated with being a pump inhibitor. Pump inhibitors increase the blood flow to your muscles which helps in a few key ways: better oxygen delivery, better nutrient uptake and better removal of waste products caused by exercising the muscle itself.
  • Beta Alanine – Studies show that supplementing with beta-alanine can boost strength levels, muscular hypertrophy, and overall performance.
  • Huperzine A – The original nootropic, or brain boosting ingredient, huperzine A is a long-time favorite among pre-workouts. Huperzine A has been shown to improve concentration, alertness, and focus.

Four Main Characteristics of a Good Pre-workout

Obviously, there are many more ingredients we could dissect but the important part is that these four are all contained in our ZeusJuice Advance Pre-workout formula. The majority of pre-workouts on the market are going to contain similar ingredients to achieve four main goals.

  1. Stim – Amplify energy
  2. Pump – Increase Bloodflow
  3. Endurance – promote endurance and muscle recovery
  4. Focus – Increase mental alertness and concentration.

When you are shopping for a pre-workout supplement be sure to look at the ingredients to ensure you are buying an effective product. Each product we sell has an ingredient tab on our site. This tab lists our ingredients and why they are in our formula.

How to Use a Pre-workout Supplement

Please refer to each manufactures suggestions on how to take their products but as a general rule of thumb – take 20 minutes before working out.

For our products, we always recommend 20 minutes before working out and ideally having no other food within the last hour for maximum effect.

Which Pre-Workout Do You Use?

Have a brand or flavor you prefer? Have you tried ZeusJuice Advanced Pre-workout? Let us know in the comments below!

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